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Come see what all the talk is about. Or, come back if it's been a while since you've had a big thick delicious steak just the way you like it. That's the way you'll get it at
Texas Reds!

For more than thirty two years Texas Reds Steakhouse has served good food at a reasonable price along with generous portions of friendly service and "old west" atmosphere. Fun just naturally happens when you put those elements in just the right location.

Texas Reds is a destination unto itself.  It's worth the trip to Red River, NM just to eat at, "that restaurant where you throw peanut shells on the floor."

Ski Magazine wrote in a resort dining review that "Texas Reds serves the best steak dinner in the world."  Texas Reds Steakhouse earned "The Best Steak" designation in a local area newspaper poll, an award they've maintained for five years.  The Amarillo Globe newspaper readership voted Texas Reds Steakhouse in Red River, NM (over 300 miles away) as the best in "Resort Dining."

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Steakhouse & Saloon

400 E. Main Street
Red River, NM 87558

(575) 754-2922

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