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A Brief & Actual History of the Cotton Gin

Through the effort of local farmers, H. Kellerman, J.H. Barbee, A.H. Fleming, I.B. Rylander and J.H. Williams, the Farmers Union Gin Co. was established here under the leadership of Oscar Calvin Smith.  Being the first industrial plant of its size in San Marcos, the Gin became vital to the area’s cotton industry and remained in operation until 1966.  The building is recorded as a Texas Historic Landmark since 1981.


A Brief (Exaggerated) History of Texas Reds

Way back in the mid-1800's when Texas Red was first learning the fine art of train robbin', cattle rustlin' and just generally bein' a nuisance, the hill country of Texas wasn't like it is today.  The only way to get around was by horse or train and nearly all the residents were born here.  There was something brewing back east about a war between the states but the Texicans north of San Antonio were more concerned with keeping the renegades out and just having a good ol' time.  Those times were mostly hard but everybody pulled together and got by somehow despite the fires, floods and feuds.

Texas Red eventually got tired of being chased by the law in New Mexico and Texas and found his heart and home in the Hill Country.  While he never got to the point of being called a settler, he did gain a reputation as a heck of a host. Even the ranchers who's cattle got rustled would sure like the way he could cook 'em up.  Soon he gave up his wayward ways (well, mostly), brought some peanuts and green chiles from New Mexico, stirred up a mean batch of Margaritas and opened up the best durned steakhouse in the whole territory.

Today the good people of San Marcos are the beneficiaries of those efforts as the tradition has been handed down from generation to generation, improved upon and kept up with the times by offering the best food and service at the most reasonable price you'll find anywhere. 

We appreciate you stoppin' by.

Bill of Fare

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